How long have you been photographing weddings?

I photographed my first wedding in June of 2006 in Houston. I shot for a local studio for four-and-a-half years, and then we branched off and launched our own studio in January of 2011.

Do you shoot by yourself?

The wife and I enjoy photographing weddings together, so most of the time it's she and I on a wedding day. But we also keep a well-curated list of other photographers who step in and shoot with us from time to time. I typically photograph sessions (engagement, bridal, family, etc.) alone.

How much does wedding photography cost?

As every wedding – and every couple – is unique, we tailor our packaging to your needs and, as we are able, to your budget. Let’s get together and talk specifics.

Drop us an email.

Are there additional charges for out-of-town weddings?

While we don’t charge a specific travel fee, any necessary expenses (airfare, lodging, rental car, etc.) will be the responsibility of the client. But the peace of mind of having a hometown photographer with you is priceless.

How many photos do you take on a wedding day?

Some might say ‘too many‘, but I say just the right amount. We approach a wedding as storytellers, so we take the photos necessary to authentically tell the story of your wedding day.

How many photos will we receive from our wedding day?

We typically deliver about 100 images per coverage hour.

Are digital files included?

Yes, absolutely, always.

Will all the photos be edited?


They will be delivered to you print-ready, with all necessary adjustments made to exposure, color, contrast and saturation. Images ordered for final print (wall prints, canvases, album images, etc) will be more closely retouched, with attention given to blemishes, fly-away hairs, and distracting background elements.

My mom/cousin/friend/uncle/parole officer wants to take photos at the wedding, too. Will this be a problem?

I fully understand that this person is more important to you than we are, so we’d never prevent them from taking photos at your wedding. But we would also expect that they wouldn’t do anything that would prevent us from doing what you’ve commissioned us to do. If they get in our way, we’ll politely ask them to move.

Do you carry insurance?

I have a liability insurance policy and coverage on all of my equipment.

What cameras/lenses do you use?

I shoot with Nikon cameras, lenses, and flashes. The specific pieces are somewhat fluid, as we’re often adding or removing pieces to our kit.

What do you do in your spare time?

Funny enough, in what little of it I have, I enjoy making photos. Whether nearby home or in distant locations, I love exploring and finding new ways to see the "same ol' things". This usually happens with wife and kids in tow, but sometimes it's more of a solo effort.

I also spend a little bit of time working on StompSoftware stuff.